Leopoldina Haynes tiny garden has that heavenly mix of topiary and soft planting, which makes it utterly eye-catching and utterly, utterly Modern Country.Full details on Modern Country Style blog: Leopoldina Haynes Small Garden

You can keep fish healthy year-round in a small garden pond! Winter pond care is not complicated but there are essential tasks to look after to ensure your fish and plants survive the cold, winter months. These tips are for small garden ponds (under 1000 gallons) with cold water fish.

natural small garden ponds 12Natural pond is one of great small garden ponds ideas. You can make it by using PVC lining and place it with some rocks around it and decorate with water plants. In order to beautify it, you can raise some fish in it, such as goldfish or Koi. another image for Three Small Garden Ponds with Natural Look